Seadog Tso

Visual Effects Supervisor, Greater China

Chih-Chung Tso ’’Seadog’’ is a VFX Supervisor at Digital Domain Shanghai. He oversees several movies’ visual effects production and started his visual effects career more than 15 years ago. His work spans feature film and commercial VFX to channel branding and music videos.

Seadog was the VFX Supervisor on ‘The Tenants Downstairs which he was nominated for Best Visual Effects in the 53th Golden Horse Prize. He has also won several Promax/BDA awards. He also was VFX Supervisor for Cafe Waiting Love. He has worked on movies like Pacific Rim, Z-108, Young Dudes, and Olympus has Fallen. Seadog has been invited to give a speech at Siggraph Asia and The Foundry Conference several times.