Scott Meadows

Head of Visualization

A leading industry expert on visualization, Scott Meadows heads Digital Domain’s global visualization efforts, which include previs, postvis, pitch vis, motion capture and virtual production for feature films, game cinematics, episodics and commercials.

Recognized by the major studios as a top previs artist, Scott is often credited with establishing the specialization more than two decades ago.

Working alongside director Steven Spielberg and production designer Adam Stockhausen, Scott joined early pre-production meetings to help design the vfx work for “Ready Player One,” including the epic car chase through the fantastical world of New York City. Scott also prevised several large sequences of the movie “Black Panther” in tandem with Director Ryan Coogler and VFX Supervisor Geoffrey Baumann, including the monumental final battle.

While he has been at Digital Domain, Scott has contributed his expertise on more than 15 feature films including “TRON: Legacy,” “Ender’s Game,” “Pixels,” “Maleficent” and Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

Scott’s talent, visualization expertise and a stacked, integrated team combined with Digital Domain’s preeminent visual effects experience bring a unique adaptability allowing directors and their teams to iterate and redesign on the fly, achieving their creative vision as efficiently as possible without interrupting their creative flow.