Richard S. Morton

Executive VFX Supervisor and Head of Digital Studios, Greater China

Richard S. Morton has worked in the visual effects industry since 1999 and has been contributing his talents to Digital Domain since 2001. He has worked both in advertising and on feature films including Speed Racer, on which he was a CG Supervisor, Ender’s Game, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief, The Hitcher and the trailer for TRON: Legacy. Richard was the Co-Visual Effects Supervisor on Activision/Bungie’s highly lauded launch trailer for their game Destiny at E3 2013. He was the Visual Effects Supervisor for EA’s Metal of Honor: Warfighter game cinematics, as well as the related music video from Linkin Park Castle of Glass. He has worked on commercials for some of the top brands like, Nike and Adidas as a CG Supervisor and also music video for Nine Inch Nail that earned multiple industry awards.  Richard enjoys working with top directors including David Fincher, Marc Romanek, Joseph Kahn, the Wachowskis and more.