Marion Spates

Visual Effects Supervisor

Marion Spates brings more than twenty years of visual effects experience in films, episodic, streaming, commercials and Virtual Production. His expertise is often utilized in every step of the production process, beginning with story development, scene building in pre-visualization, on set supervision, all the way through final compositing and DI.

Marion is an Emmy Award nominee for the ground-breaking first season of the Netflix hit show, Lost In Space, where he was involved in every step of the pipeline for Season One and Two, supervising concept art, look development, on-set supervision, including Lidar, all the way through post with supervising multiple vendors and procuring the final look of the show supervising color correction.

Marion has worked alongside the legendary director, Roland Emmerich, on many of his blockbuster films, “2012,” “Whitehouse Down,” and “Independence Day: Resurgence,” as well as being mentored by the Academy-Award winning Visual Effects Supervisor, Volker Engel, and worked with multiple Emmy-award winning Visual Effects Supervisor, Joe Bauer on his films, “Elf,” “Blade Trinity,” and “Zathura.”

Marion is an Emmy Award winner for the Opening Sequence of the Super Bowl for FOX, 2005, garnering multiple credits as his responsibilities on the project included – on set supervisor, lead lighter, compositor, and production manager.

Marion began his career in VFX as a highly accomplished VFX artist and is now well regarded for his remarkable leadership skills. He possesses boundless energy and drive to both motivate and invigorate his crews, keeping morale high and consistent production output through often long and intense projects, while maintaining clear communication with directors and clients paramount. Marion has a deft ability to bring out the best in everyone he works with and strives relentlessly to bring out the best in himself on every