Julian Sarmiento

Creative Director

Julian Sarmiento, a Visual Effects Supervisor and Creative Director, started his career 18 years ago in the entertainment industry. He has contributed in multiple areas of computer graphics from creative to technology in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, with over 30 feature films that range from animated features to live action.

Julian was a Visual Effects Supervisor & Virtual/Augmented Reality Creative/Technical Supervisor at Guillermo Del Toro’s Mirada Studios, where he created award-winning and groundbreaking commercials, VR work, and music videos, including Katy Perry ‘Dark Horse,’ making her the first female artist to reach 1 billion views on Vevo and YouTube. For the last past four years, he has been working in virtual, augmented and mixed reality while staying true to his DNA. One of his major roles is to research and develop new innovative concepts for the immersive and interactive space with a major focus in storytelling and education. Some of Julian’s achievements include a VES award for his Dynamic Simulations work in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Comic Con’s Best VR experience of 2015 with FX for The Strain. He also introduced the world to the first VR stereoscopic live action content app while unveiling Google’s Cardboard and created the first original stereoscopic pre-render property which he sold in 2016, to Digital Domain.

Now as Digital Domain’s Creative Director he’s responsible for creating and directing Virtual and Augmented Reality shows for multiple platforms; from the story, technology, to final execution.