Jay Barton

Visual Effects Supervisor

Since joining Digital Domain twenty years ago, Jay Barton has contributed his talent to numerous feature films and commercials and is especially skilled at complicated problem solving on set and developing shooting methodologies to accomplish the director’s vision.

Jay was Visual Effects Supervisor for several feature films including X-Men: First Class, Rock of Ages, 47 Ronin and Into the Storm. Jay also supervised complex sequences on Rules of Engagement, Star Trek: Nemesis and TRON: Legacy. For the past few years, Jay has been supervising Digital Domain’s broad scope of work on the Fast & Furious franchise, starting with Furious 7 and the most recent installment The Fate of the Furious on which Jay was the second unit VFX Supervisor.

Jay’s commercial work as a Visual Effects Supervisor includes award-winning Bacardi and BMW spots as well as national campaigns for Volkswagen, Coors, Lexus, LG, Mercedes-Benz, Verizon, Miller, General Motors, Mazda and Heineken. He also supervised the Jon Favreau-directed launch trailer for the Activision/Bungie video game Destiny. Jay worked on one of the first stereo 3D Super Bowl spots for PepsiCo and has collaborated with amazingly talented directors on stunning, award-winning commercials.

A native of Los Angeles, Jay is a car enthusiast and studied industrial design with a focus on transportation design at ArtCenter College of Design. Previously, Jay was a nationally ranked figure skater and professional skating coach.