David Rivero Martin

Director of D.I., Greater China

With over 50 feature films and dozens of commercials, David is an experienced and multifaceted colorist.

Since settling in China in 2013, he has become one of the most sought after colorists in the country, working all styles and sizes ranging from high-budget blockbusters to independent art films. He has worked with legends as Tsui Hark and Peter Chan, some of the most promising younger directors like Derek Tsang and Guo Jingming, and a huge range of established filmmakers as Wu Jing, Xu Haofeng, Pou-Soi Cheang, Oxide Peng, Zheng Xiaolong.

Among his films there are fantasy blockbusters like ‘’Detective Dee and the Four Heavenly Kings’’and ‘’Monkey King 2’’, modern dramas ‘’Soulmate’’and ‘’Better Days’’, action films like‘’Wolf Warrior’’and ‘’Sky Hunter’’,  art films like ‘’Cunxin’’and ‘’Joy-Love’’, stylish comedies like ‘’This is not what I expected’’and ‘’Coward Hero’’, or the photorealistic-CG saga ‘’Lord’’and ‘’Lord 2’’.

His commercial grading includes work for brands like Apple, Pepsi, Vogue,  Cartier, Neiwai, Sina, Landrover, etc.

David started working in post back in 2008, in Madrid, Spain. He also worked as VFX and Stereo artist while grading commercials and TV shows. He graded his first feature film in 2011.