Aruna Inversin

Visual Effects Supervisor & Creative Director of New Media

Aruna Inversin specializes in creative direction, visual effects and real-time supervision for immersive content and experiential technology. His twenty year career began in digital compositing where his work on “Stargate SG – 1” received two primetime Emmy nominations. Later, Aruna stepped into the role of VFX supervisor and received a Visual Effects Society nomination for “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project” for this work on Nike’s “The Neymar Jr. Experience.”

His deep technical knowledge has marked him as an innovator and thought leader in the virtual/augmented reality and immersive projects space. As an avid VR evangelist he is often sought after to speak at major conferences like VRDC, GDC and NAB. Whether he is developing custom hardware and software solutions for real-time projects or acting as an on-set creative director, Aruna believes that obstacles are only seen when you take your eyes off the goal.

All of his clients, including brands like Nike, Google and The National Basketball Association, benefit from having Aruna as the creative behind their projects as he is an extremely well-rounded supervisor who effortlessly takes their projects from inception to delivery. To date, Aruna has nearly 50 film and television credits to his name in addition to a dozen VR experiences and more than 10 cinematic game trailers.

Currently, Aruna continues to develop real-time solutions for traditional media, experiential projects that encompass location based events and mixed reality deliverables and much more. Based at Digital Domain’s Los Angeles studio, Aruna is part of a mighty team of agile creatives.