Wayne Kennedy

Director of Creative Development

Wayne is responsible for the creative management of intellectual properties from inception to production for Digital Domain.  A long time industry veteran, Wayne has lent his Visual Effects talents to dozens of productions such as “Gone Girl,” “Ender’s Game,” “Tron: Legacy” and “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.” Wayne began his career working as a cell painter and color artist at animation studios such as Steven Spielberg’s UK based Amblimation.   Wayne was co-founder of Zebra Development, where they developed the revolutionary 3D storyboarding software, Storyboard Lite, which allowed non-artists to storyboard their ideas. Wayne’s film experience also includes co-producing the independent movie “Book of Swords” and in 2009 writing, producing and directing the action thriller “Fist of the Warrior” which was distributed by Lionsgate.