Virtual 2Pac Tupac_coachella_a_06
Virtual 2Pac
Toyota GT86 “The Real Deal” Toyota_gt86_the_real_deal_b_01
Toyota GT86 “The Real Deal”
Electronic Arts “Medal of Honor Warfighter” Cinematics Eamoh_warfighter_b_08
Electronic Arts “Medal of Honor Warfighter” Cinematics
Linkin Park “Castle of Glass” Ea_linkin_b_08
Linkin Park “Castle of Glass”

All Case Studies (25)

Mercedes-Benz "Escape the Map" Mercedes_escape_c_02
Mercedes-Benz "Escape the Map"
Sony "2 Worlds" Sony_2_worlds_c_11
Sony "2 Worlds"
Nike "Biomorph" Nike_biomorph_c_03
Nike "Biomorph"
Transformers "Fall of Cybertron" Transformers_fall_of_cybertron_c_04
Transformers "Fall of Cybertron"
Cisco "Robot Arm" Cisco_robot_arm_c_01
Cisco "Robot Arm"
Gears Of War 3 "Dust To Dust" Gow3d2d_c1
Gears Of War 3 "Dust To Dust"
Audi "Intelligently Combined" Audi_intelligently_combined_c_01
Audi "Intelligently Combined"
Lexus "City" Lexus_city_2
Lexus "City"
Honda Fit "Mecha-Mosquitoes" Honda_mecha_mosquitoes_1
Honda Fit "Mecha-Mosquitoes"
Bacardi "Sundance" Bacardi_sundance_2
Bacardi "Sundance"
Gears of War "Mad World" Gow_mad_world_3_r
Gears of War "Mad World"
Halo 3 "Starry Night" Character_reel_10
Halo 3 "Starry Night"
Gatorade “Shattered” Human_reel_02
Gatorade “Shattered”
Saab "Transformer" Saab_transformer_1
Saab "Transformer"
Nine Inch Nails "Only" Nin-only-02
Nine Inch Nails "Only"
Heineken "Beer Run" Heineken_beer_run_2
Heineken "Beer Run"
Motorola "Pebl" Motorola_pebl_1
Motorola "Pebl"
Acura RSX "Dance" Acura_dance_2
Acura RSX "Dance"
HP "Constant Change" Hp_change_02
HP "Constant Change"
Lexus "Collision" Lexus_collision_1
Lexus "Collision"
Nike “Gamebreakers” Nike_gamebreaker_05
Nike “Gamebreakers”
Adidas “Mechanical Legs” Adidas_mechanical_legs_01
Adidas “Mechanical Legs”
BMW X3 “Any” Bmw_x3_any_02
BMW X3 “Any”
Nike “Speed Chain” Nike_speed_chain_03
Nike “Speed Chain”
Gatorade “23 vs 39” Gatorade_23vs39_2
Gatorade “23 vs 39”